Artemis Sere’s Daily Thirteen (20130103)

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1.  We must protect the balance, defend the center.

2.  If we attack atrophy, we delay its inevitable momentum. Someday, technology will deliver us better control of our metabolism and decay, much as we have evolved energy efficiency in our machines.
3.  Death toll in Syria has reached the size of Minneapolis suburban city.
4.  Our pain is relational.
5.  I need to start the situps I talked about two days ago.
6.  I find it disturbing that someone’s divine power actually cares what they’re wearing while at a public gym, especially if it involves someone wearing a long headpiece and cultural dress longer than her shoes while trying to ride an exercise bike, looking very uncomfortable and uncoordinated in the process. 
7.  Every religion is borne of human blood, every faith born of bioelectrical spirit.
8.  Two focuses for 2013: Creation and curation.
9.  We are the disease, and there is no cure for being human.
10. Winners of my Creative Pay It Forward Deal:  Sonja Chenard, Kris Darling, Petey Symone, Chaosheavymetalguru Journalist, Melissa Dodge, Heather Hoge Rasmussen, Chris “Mr. Attitude” Kaminsky, Kim Durand Ask, Melanie Olsen, Shawna Benish, and Judy Lijewski Van Vleet. I still need to coordinate time with Chris Olson and Sara Aipperspach to deliver them their posters, “In Between States” and “Calhoun Daze”.
11. Win the war within first.
12. Commentary is social currency.
13. Black Coffee Commitment Day 3 Complete.

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