Artemis Sere’s Daily Thirteen (20130102)

1.  I had to revise my blog layout again–some things changed, but most stayed the same. It is still a work in progress. Something happened with the template producer’s source files, and the blog titling lost its consistent formatting. I also integrated Social Sharing functions into the pages, so my content can now be posted in your favorite social space. SHARE AWAY!

2.  The 3M Protective Eyewear shoot went pretty well, though I am definitely tired of my look. I will post pics from the shoot to my Instagram and Facebook profiles shortly, but I am patiently looking forward to “spring renewal”. I just need to coincide renewal with consistent gym visitation.
3.  “Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try”.
4.  Anne Hathaway in “Les Miserables” reminded me of a cross between 90s Sinead O’Connor and Enya.
5.  IAMX “Volatile Times”: Soundtrack to these days.
6.  Sometimes, I need to be reminded that Red Vines do not qualify as a food group.
7.  (+1 Fan) Long-time friend Jamie Burns became a fan of my art. Romanian goddess/friend Vivi Ball was nice enough to share my first “Daily Thirteen” with her orbit. Many thanks to both of them, and to each person that engages with my craft.
8.  “Kill, yes. Divorce, no.” (Old Georgian joke pertaining to how long Russians live, and how death trumps divorce as their common way to end a marriage.)
9.  Mayan Apocalypse and U.S. Fiscal Cliff averted within weeks of each other. Sometimes, I think we create major tragedies to keep our future selves entertained.
10.  Building augmented realities, one metaverse at a time.
11. “For the mystic, what is how. For the craftsman, how is what. For the artist, what and how are one.” (McElcheran)
12. A photographer was killed trying to take a picture of Justin Bieber while stopped for a traffic violation. I should mourn the death of a fellow artist, but I’m more appalled that someone as talentless and vapid as Bieber has both a Ferarri and a Fisker Karma. He’s 18. I don’t see the benefit to society of having millionaire teenage idols.
13. Day 2 of Black Coffee Commitment complete.

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