from The Bonesetter's Revenge (Book 2: Xenomorphine)
copyright 1993, 2013 artemis sere

>SET 00:00:49

a southbound subway train
screams through
the tract gutter of the ghetto nation
where swirls and sirens paint its underbelly
while in the concrete web above
no one gets out alive

     so what side are you ON?

not the preacher, teacher
saint or samaritan
each sip the sweet venom
which coarses through the spider's heart
and swoon as the arachnid's teeth
sink into their souls

     so what side are YOU on?

yet we, flies in the web
defy statistics and
four milliseconds
as the centipede breeds
words like 'obey'
and 'lawful'
into our vernacular
and we hear
with perked ears and
personal agendas,
praying that we don't
become another

     so what side ARE you on?

lost on the bullet train
between scream and
serene, a pensive pawn
sits cocooned and collected
with a bookbag in one hand
pistol in the other
torn between
brother or enemy
lawful or evil
heaven or

     so what SIDE are you on?

and in that
quickening moment
the glistening eyes
of the innocent spawn
open to the chaos of the
gossamer world,
as the strands of lies
spun by the false prophets
and fallen pulpits
dissolves, and his
choice is


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