Collaborators & Influencers

Over the course of my existence as an artist and publisher, I've come across bands, brands, businesses, and other artists that I highly respect.

The attached list highlights those collaborators and influencers that I endorse and recommend. 

Please check out their website, and patronize their places of business as often as possible. 

We're in this artistic fabric together. Pay that altruism forward.

Thank you,


Partners & Collaborators

I get energized by working with other artists. Here are some artists and brands that I've worked with and created art with. 


16Volt is a veteran industrial, machine rock act out of the American Northwest. My cover art appeared on their albums "The Negative Space" and "Dead on Arrivals".

Black Flood Diesel

Black Flood Diesel is a local rock band headed by friend Greg Moog. They have been playing the Twin Cities scene for decades. I had the honor of crafting the visual design and experience of their last EP, "Homewrecker".

The Conjuration

A one-man project by Virginia-based musician and artist Corey Jason. He handles all compositions, vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming, keyboards, and album production. My cover art appeared on their albums "The Human Condition" and "Gospel".

Ritual Madness Podcast

The Hexican has been a mainstay of the Twin Cities metal scene for decades, fronting talented death metal bands Sublevel, Necromis, and Outside the Murder. He now spends his time experimenting with various art styles and media (inspiring tie-dying and digital art). He has been running and producing the Ritual Madness Podcast for many years, and I have been a guest several times. Check my Artovert blog or my #ritualmadnesspodcast tag for more info. Visit his website via the button below.

Sound and Fury/Perfect Enemy

Twin Cities-area rock band that was active from the late 90s to the late 2000s. Between 2003-2007 I worked with them to advance their merchandise, marketing, and product design. I created Perfect Enemy's debut album "Dying Slowly". No links are available to this once-great band.


These artists greatly influence my art, creativity, identity, and philosophy. They are foundational to who I am as an artist and the creations that emerge from Seretic Studios and Antithesis Press.

Bruce Lee

I discovered the wisdom, philsophy, and greatness of Bruce Lee through his "Tao of Jeet Kune Do". It is my main reference, human handbook, and primary point of inspiration and focus. The teachings of JKD are reflected across my Xoterica Blog Series, hold the backbone for my belief system, and provide me regular guidance. Bruce Lee was well known as a fighter and unbeatable warrior; he is also one of the greatest writers and philosophers of our time. He is my hero, idol, mentor, and sherpa, and I don't care about learning how to kick ass with my foot. He teaches how to achieve greatness with balance.


An edgy industrial rock/metal outfit from Chicago fronted by friend Sean Payne. I credit my Transhumanist leanings and appreciations to the content of Cyanotic, their angry robot noises, and delicious glitch style. Their sound has greatly influenced my art since I discovered them in the late 2000s. 

The Hexican

Twin Cities godfather of the death metal scene, Greg is an inspiring visual artist, talented musician, and beloved brother. He has fronted metal acts Sublevel, Necromis, and Outside the Murder, as well as others. Beyond his podcasting prowess, he has ran a stitching business and a NYDM chapter. He creates mind-bending tie-dyed materials and digital art.


Chris Corner has been an influence of mine since his start with Sneaker Pimps. An amazing visual artist and immensely talented creator and musician from England, IAMX is always at the top of my music playlists and is an artist that I listen to often.

Menton Matthews III

Menton Matthews is an American painter, illustrator, and comic book artist. He is known mostly as Menton3, but also as Avis and Saltillo. He's also a multi-instrumentalist who can play a number of diverse instruments such as cello, viola, violin, guitar, drums, piano, and bass. Saltillo's "Monocyte" was my #1 album of 2012, and Menton's gothy, gloomy, macabre style inspires me endlessly.

Otep Shamaya

Her poetry book, "Caught Screaming", was the primary influence and inspiration for the content, approach, and design of my first book, "Obscurious". Warrior-poet, artist, militant lesbian, author, musician, trendsetter, and queen of the metal stage since her first Ozzfest outing in the early 2000s. Artistic and personal inspiration of mine.

Rabbit Junk

Industrial hardclash, electropunk duo out of Seattle (that frequently teams up with Sean Payne and Cyanotic). I admire JP Anderson's philosophy, creativity, and artistic style. Another artist that has provided the soundtrack to my life since the late 2000s. To truly appreciate all that is Rabbit Junk, you must also dig into The Shizit/The Named, JP's aggro-metal, politically-motivated side project. But you can start your Junk journey by the button below.

Travis Smith

An inspiring visual artist who regularly works with heavy metal bands. He has created concepts and cover art for such great Opeth, Nevermore, Katatonia, Strapping Young Lad, Amorphis, and Soulfly. His paintings and mixed media are spooky, gloomy, edgy, and darkly dreamy.  He has been a major influence on my art since I discovered him in the 2000s. Visit his seempieces website via the button below.

Seretic Studios