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Artemis Sere is the pseudonym for a creative dude who has been producing art in various forms, channels, and media for decades. The brand identity was created in 2007 as a result of painful experiences, offering said individual a safe space to create without boundaries or worries.

The S.E.R.E. philosophy was also borne from that time, and is the thread that weaves through all of the work of Artemis Sere.

In 2011, Antithesis Press was founded as the publishing entity behind the first book by Artemis Sere, "Obscurious". Antithesis Press is the publishing arm of Artemis Sere and Seretic Studios.

In 2012, the many iterations of Artemis Sere blogs were centralized into the Artrovert Blog, which was launched on the WordPress platform in 2016.

As formal extension of Artemis Sere and Antithesis Press, Seretic Studios was founded in 2019. Seretic Studios LLC is the business that supports all of the efforts of Artemis Sere, Antithesis Press, the Serenity Gallery, and SereFire Candles.

This about section will feature more details and imagery about the important people in the orbit of Artemis Sere.

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