I received my first posters printed from my Serenity Gallery today.  They were processed by DeviantArt.com and are decent quality.  Matte print. Color. Black and white. 24×36 prints.

My Silent Exile.
Mandrake Season.
Season’s End.
Blood of the Naiad.

I believe they look amazing. They are the beginning, the first of the new brood.  Even though I have no customers, I have developed a product and made it available. I once criticized artists that had no venue for their works to be purchased. I now have printed art, but no demand.

I am giving away “My Silent Exile” and “Season’s End” to a United Way Auction at work.  People will purchase them, and my art will end up in their homes.  This is how an artists lives, I suppose: through representation in the lives of others.  Most of the money I make at my day job goes towards funding the artistic (or spiritual) evolution of my customers, advancement of my ability to express the darkness within.

It is through them I live, through them I survive and evolve.  It is through them I breathe.

And keep the darkness alive.

In 24×36 spaces.

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