Obscurious X: Decade of Darkness

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Echoprism 1 & 2

The Echoprism Volumes are the living volumes of my Serenity Gallery in numbered, tagged, inventoried, and imaged format. All 600 works are included, as well as prose, poetry, and reflections. It is the best way to experience my art, and is relatively inexpensive for full color gallery books. 

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Get 15% off a piece of original Artemis Sere art when you purchase a copy of "Echoprism Vol. 1" from Blurb.com. Get more information at my new Deals & Promotions page via the button below.

Best Music Albums Blog Series

Every year, I create a top 20 best albums of the year. Check out what I've enjoyed listening to annually over the last decade. Rock on, friends.

Collaborators & Influencers Area Added!

Interested in which artists I've worked with, and which artists inspire me to keep working? Check out my new Collaborators & Influencers page!

The Artrovert Blog

Picture of Artemis Sere's "Evident Alien"

2024: The Year of the Alien

2024 is my #yearoftheAlien. It is a year of fresh starts, vibrant visions, alien states...
Picture of Artemis Sere Digital Art

Xoterica 43: The Impostor

And when the impostor lies and reduces all that I am, my Art stands as...
Pictures of books Obscurious and Obscurious X by Artemis Sere

2023: The Year of Echoes

2023 has been my #yearofEchoes, a year of challenges and themes that reflect my history...
Cover of "Obscurious X: Decade of Darkness"

Obscurious X: Decade of Darkness Released

Today, I released my sixth book on Antithesis Press. "Obscurious X: Decade of Darkness" is...
Artemis Sere SS-SG-00469 Thankful for the Carnage

Xoterica 42: The Hunt

Survive the algorithm and the brass ring and white picket fence can be yours...
Picture of the band Sleep Token taken by Artemis Sere

Artemis Sere's Twenty Best Music Albums of 2023

My collection of the best music albums from the year 2023...
Artemis Sere Alerts

ALERT: USPS Smishing Scam

I was recently the victim of the USPS Smishing scam. Get more info on the...
Picture of Artemis Sere's "Resolution"

Xoterica 41: The Equidistant

I will always advocate for evolution and progress, for human-supported laws and principles of diversity...
Artemis Sere Vinyl Album Collection

Ten Lessons from My First Year of Collecting Vinyl Records

In 2022 I began collecting vinyl albums. My first year of collecting vinyl records had...

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