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Photo collection from my 2019 road trip to California.


Photo collection following the passing of my Father in January 2019.


Shots from my Father's funeral in February 2019.

Recent Artrovert Blog Posts

Xoterica 21: The Why

Rapid fire methods of creation became my outlet. Splatter art. Pour art. Resin art. Abstract art. The rage and fluidity of my life became my method of expression.


Resist the madness As the heralds swap hats

Xoterica 20: The Ripple

This is a place and person that I’ve never been before, and I remind myself to breathe and be patient.

Shore of the Tortured City

This #poem was written as a connected response to my colorful painting of the same name, featured as the cover of this blog.

Xoterica 17: The Disclaimer

Both the human known as Chris and the artist known as Artemis Sere are going through a period of dramatic change. This is a disclaimer.

The Cryptographer's Epitaph

There are many things I regret when it comes to my Dad. He was a stubborn code that I will spend the rest of my life cracking,

The Steel Age

The death of my father was a pivot point in the human life of Chris Zuege and his artful ego, Artemis Sere. His exit exiled some dreams, hopes, and identities I once held, and replace them anew.

Xoterica 16: The Fog

I see the ghost of him in the mirror. I see his flaws and failures, features and fates. Leaves don’t fall far from a withering tree.

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Sentient. Evident. Resident. Evolution

I have been sentient, someone ever-watchful and critical of this creature and this society.

I have been evidentsomeone transparent, truthful, honest, and productive of tangible proof of my path and orientation.

I have been resident, someone present among the people when the purpose calls for it.

I have consistently evolved and am committed to a path of continuous evolution.


The Serenity Gallery

The formalized, professional presentation of my works, built for the walls of people that care and to showcase my diverse talent (and the talent of artists that I partner with or represent), covering both the synonym and the antonym side of the word. 

Select Serenity Gallery art is featured in my books, and other digital spaces, though often not as polished in presentation.

With over 400+ fine art pieces and counting, the collection is a work in progress.



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I hope you enjoyed my pixels and prose, poetry and pencilwork, blog and candlecraft, acrylic and cryptic writings. This experience is still under construction (I have a ton of content), so I appreciate your patience as this space evolves.

Please engage with me, and be part of my Art.

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